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              Global Learning Experience

              Global Learning Experience

              With over 400 exchange partners in 44 countries and regions, explore the world with CityU’s many international opportunities. CityU encourages all students to gain valuable international experience by undertaking an exchange, joint degree or overseas learning experiences.?

              Student Exchange Programme

              Student Exchange Programme

              Each year, over 1,200 CityU students participate in student exchange programmes and travel around the world to study with one of our many partner institutions. Undertaking an exchange programme gives students the opportunity to explore new cultures, meet new people and discover new ways of thinking and learning.

              Summer Programmes

              Other Overseas Learning Opportunities

              CityU encourages all students to gain international experience. Students have access to opportunities including summer and winter programmes, cultural expeditions and community services for up to one month.

              Joint Programmes with Overseas Universities

              Joint Programmes with Overseas Universities

              CityU has established partnership with world renowned universities and offers a variety of joint bachelor's degree programmes. The joint degree programmes provide students an international undergraduate educational experience. Students will spend two years at CityU and two years at the partner university. On completion of the curriculum requirements, students will earn two bachelor's degrees.

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